Therapy for Young Adults

Young adulthood is a phase in life that is as exciting and overwhelming, depending on the day of course! Some days you feel confident and think, “I’ve got this!” and others you feel like a fraud and think, “Adulting is no joke…can I just be a kid again?” Whether you’re new to adulthood and leaving that teen phase behind or are more “mature” and handling your responsibilities well, support is needed and support can include counseling.

In the transition from teens to young adult, a tons of skills are needed like creating healthy relationships, choosing the right job or career, and being financially responsible.

From mid-20s to early 30s, careers have begun, committed relationships and marriage ensue, and families begin to be formed. That’s a lot of change!

If you aren’t ready for it all and don’t have the appropriate support system, anxiety and depression can overtake a young person during this stage of life.

Some questions that young adults face:
Who am I…really?
What do I want to be?
Is the relationship I am in the right one for me?
My friends have moved out of their parent’s home, what is wrong with me?
What are my values?

If you are a young adult wanting to answer questions such as these, counseling can help. Call me today for a free consultation at (941) 800-1513.