Relationship Counseling

Do you ever wish you could live on an island by yourself or even have that island available for when you want to get away from others? Relationships are work and in reality, it’s impossible to live in isolated because God created us to live IN relationship with Him, with ourselves, and with others!

I love working with my clients on improving the relationships as they work on their relationship with God and themselves by understanding themselves. I believe as you understand yourself more you can understand others.

Self-awareness is the way in which we learn to understand ourselves. Together we will examine temperament, personality, values, and character traits, that together make up who you REALLY are. This is helpful whether you are single, looking or not, or currently dating. Learning about and creating healthy relationships is for EVERYONE, which is why relationship counseling isn’t just for couples, it’s for singles, couples, siblings, parents, and children!


Relationships require you put it what you want out of it! They are hard work! Even the strongest of relationships can benefit from seeing a trained counselor at some point through the many ups and downs that relationships bring. In addition to being a licensed therapist, I am a trained facilitator for PREPARE-ENRICH. Prepare-Enrich is a program that can help couples at any stage: dating, engaged, married, and parents. It begins with an online assessment to narrow down the couple’s strengths and growth areas. Once I get the assessment we will review it together and begin to work on those growth areas by teaching missing relationships skills.

With Prepare-Enrich, you will:
Identify your strengths as a couple and build new ones.
Strengthen your communication skills.
Uncover stressful areas and resolve conflicts.
Explore your families of origin.
Comfortably discuss financial issues.
Establish personal, couple, and family goals.
Understand and appreciate personality differences.


Prepare-Enrich is a great option for couples that are dating and looking towards marriage or engaged couples. There is a minimum 8 week commitment to get through the Prepare-Enrich program and receive a Certificate of Completion. Couples have the option of scheduling weekly sessions or 2 intensive 4 hour sessions.


If you’re looking to improve your marriage, counseling can be the answer. In my first appointment with couples, I ask the following questions and require a YES to all from EACH person to move forward:
1. Do you want to stay married?
2. Do you love each other?
3. Are you willing to change yourself to improve the relationship?

The next step is to complete the PREPARE-ENRICH assessment. Our time together will be spent on the GROWTH areas of the relationship. In addition, if needed, I also work with forgiveness in the marriage when there has been a lot of hurt and pain.

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