Anxiety & Depression Therapy

Anxiety & depression shouldn’t consume your life. Don’t suffer in silence any longer, help is here.

What is anxiety?

Worry and stress is a part of everyday life. Some anxiety can even be productive, but what happens when the anxiety converts to fear and begins to interrupt daily life with symptoms such as:

-Worrying constantly
-Problems getting adequate sleep
-Changes in diet
-A constant state of fear
-Avoiding situations or people
-Arguing with loved ones

What is depression?

Depression is sadness that is persistent and gets in the way of living your daily life. It may begin from a loss or transition. It could also be a result of being overwhelmed and feeling hopeless. Perhaps you are feeling depressed and you don’t even know why. Common symptoms of depression are:

-Loss of interest in things that used to matter
-Sleep issues
-Diet changes
-Excessive crying
-Social isolation
-Trouble focusing
-Hopelessness or despair

How can therapy help?
Both anxiety and depression can be alleviated by cognitive-behavioral therapy. Our feelings are guided largely by our thoughts, so in therapy I will help you begin to identify those unhealthy thoughts and teach you how to change them. I will also encourage behavioral changes and support you with implementing those changes to empower you to make the changes you desire. We will tap into your strengths and resources and identify a support system to aid in your journey to wellness. Collaboration with other treatment providers is available upon client consent. For many, short-term counseling is enough to decrease symptoms and begin feeling like themselves again.

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