Do’s & Don’t’s During Hurricane Preparedness

As you know hurricane watches can increase anxiety for parents and thus for children as well. Emotional distress can have long standing effects so it is our job as parents to help our children with their emotions during unpredictable weather.

Here are some quick DOs and DONT’s:

-DO answer your child’s questions about weather and hurricane preparedness giving them only what they NEED to know.

-DON’T keep your plans hidden from your child. Let them know that you have a plan and let them help with preparation. Knowledge is power.

-DO limit the amount of news coverage your child watches. This can cause confusion and anxiety for children.

-DON’T minimize your child’s feelings. If your child says they are afraid, say “It’s OK to be afraid but we have a plan of action” reassure them everything will be okay.

-DO keep your calm and your peace. They learn best from you!

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