Live Your Best Life Now
Live Your Best Life Now
Vive Tu Mejor Vida Ahora

It’s complicated…

We are complex human beings living in a complex world. The pressure to have it “all together” is unbearable. Expectations from society, culture, family, and your own expectations are weighing heavy on you and it’s getting harder to face each day. You’re in the right place. You see, counseling isn’t for “crazy” people and it doesn’t mean you are going “crazy.” Whatever that means. (shrug) Counseling is for those that have the courage to slow down, ask the hard questions, get the right answers, and learn how to enjoy their life, not just merely survive.  So settle in and take a look around. When you’re ready to begin, I’ll be here.


My Specialties Are

Anxiety & Depression Therapy
Counseling for Young Adults
Christian Counseling

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