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You’ve gone it alone long enough. You have exerted all of your resources, starting with prayer and believing yourself better, yet that doesn’t seem to work these days. All you desire is to feel better again; to be yourself again or perhaps to find yourself for the first time. It’s becoming a challenge to face each day: something feels off in your body, you can’t seem to control your thoughts or get a handle on your emotions, and your spiritual life is lacking as a result. You are doubting if you have enough faith or if God is even there. If you are ready for someone who understands all these pieces of you and walk alongside you, you’re in the right place. I’m Yesenia Reta and this is Fullness of Life Counseling. You’ve arrived at the intersection of faith and psychology where the body, mind, and spirit connection is acknowledged. I believe crisis equals opportunity and that our greatest growth comes from our deepest pain. Joy, peace, and hope await you!

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